Meet Valentina

Growing up in Slovenia, getting stamps in my passport was as natural as breathing air. It was nothing to hop on a flight to one of Europe’s scintillating capitals—Paris, London, Stockholm—since they were all only an hour or two away. Starting in high school, I ramped up my global travels when a friend and I backpacked our way through Australia for a month. Then we did the same thing through Indonesia!

My personal passion soon turned professional, as I earned a degree in hospitality management, a graduate degree in international relations, and then spent years working in some of the world’s leading luxury hotels—including the fabled Pebble Beach Resort in California.

In 2005, I embarked on my biggest adventure yet: moving to the United States with my military husband, who I met in my hometown of Ljubljana—and who shared my deep passion for travel.

As exciting as that move was, it put an ocean between myself and some of the amazing places I held so dear—and places I still dreamt of visiting.

So, I vowed to make every travel experience as incredible as possible, a chance to recharge my mind, body, and spirit. I sought out the authentic and the unusual, and the welcoming locals who could show us the sides of their beloved communities that many tourists overlook. 

That’s how I got baptized by a Spanish priest in the Jordan River in Israel, dined on the freshest swordfish imaginable just hauled off a boat in a tiny island village in the Seychelles, dove into hidden waterfalls in a Costa Rican cloud rainforest, and swapped stories and pulled pints with friendly locals at a ramshackle pub in Kinsale, Ireland. 

Meet Valentina - Luxury Travel Consultant

When I focused on making authentic connections in each destination, truly immersing myself in the culture or committing wholeheartedly to the adventure, something amazing happened: Every trip I embarked on transformed me in some way. 

Turns out, making the effort makes all the difference. 

Six continents and 70+ countries later, I now share my travel secrets—and my global network of amazing in-destination partners—with my clients. An Incognito adventure is for you if you truly want to make the most of your vacation. You’re not content with the standard tourist fare, and you know there’s more out there.

You yearn to see a destination through a local’s eyes, to travel to wild, wondrous places you seem to have dreamt into existence, and to rest your head in sumptuous surroundings that match your idea of luxury. 

Let me unlock all that—and more—for you. On an Incognito escape, nothing is off limits, as we have the resources, deep knowledge, real-world experience, and dedication to make the impossible happen. 

So, it’s time to unleash your wildest travel fantasies. To dream bigger than ever before. 

It’s time to trust your travels to Incognito—your adventure awaits. 

More About Valentina:

  • Currently: Boston, Massachusetts
  • From: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Languages spoken: Slovenian, French, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, and conversational German
  • Favorite destination: It’s hard to choose since I have many favorites, but parts of Italy are up there—I lived there for two amazing years! I also really loved Israel, Croatia, Greece, Australia, and the Seychelles. My favorite place is always my next trip!
  • Still on my bucket list: Morocco

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