June 6, 2022

Europe Traveling is Surging

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Top Alternative Trips to Europe This Summer

Slovenia Travel advisor Valentina O’Kane recommends this more off the beaten path country as a combination of the best of old-world classic destinations of Italy, Switzerland, and France with spectacular natural surroundings and charming cities. “Despite its tiny size, Slovenia offers beautiful mountains, friendly people, mineral water spas, deep history, unique culture, beautiful lakes and world-class wineries. Active enthusiasts can stay for a week without ever getting bored, with great spots for paragliding, ziplining, bungee jumping, rafting, and adrenaline parks. It also borders and is a short drive to Italy, Austria, and Croatia if you still want to pair it with a more classic European getaway this summer.”

IGT's Top Alternative Summer Vacation Destinations in Europe

Here is a helpful article from Forbes if you are planning to travel this summer. Learn the top alternative destinations in Europe recommended by Valentina O'Kane, owner of Incognito Global Travel, an affiliate of Embark Beyond.

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