June 17, 2021

Slovenia - Seaside Castles and Countryside Wineries

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Visiting Slovenia - Seaside Castles and Countryside Wineries

Visiting Slovenia

Slovenia is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. It is a small country in Europe bordered by Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy. This makes it convenient for a day trip, but you can also find enough activities to keep you occupied for days. Is Slovenia worth visiting? Read on for our brief guide on visiting Slovenia.

What Is Slovenia Known For?

Slovenia is known for its beautiful mountains, friendly people, mineral water spas, deep history, unique culture, world-class wineries, and very delicious food. Our travel advisor can help you tailor your trip to Slovenia according to your interests.

Visiting Slovenia - Seaside Castles and Countryside Wineries

Things To Do In Slovenia

Here are some of the best things to do if you travel to Slovenia. First, you can go hiking during the summer or skiing in winter. Half of Slovenia is covered in forests, so hiking in them is a very popular tourist activity. If you prefer extreme sports, there are great spots for ziplining, bungee jumping, kayaking, and even adrenalin parks.

Another Slovenian activity for nature lovers is cave exploration. Slovenia has thousands of underground caves with unique karst formations. 22 of these caves are open to the public. The most popular cave is the Postojna cave, which receives over 600,000 visitors a year. Its main attraction is a ‘human fish’ called ohm, which is a blind animal colored like human skin.

Visiting Slovenia - Seaside Castles and Countryside Wineries

Slovenia also has a lot to offer to history buffs as it has numerous castles that showcase the country’s royal history. There are several indoor and outdoor museums around the country, including Hospital Franja, which is just one of the more unique places to visit in Slovenia. For wine lovers, visiting Slovenia is a must. The country is home to the oldest vine in the world, which has been producing grapes since the 16th century and you can find it in town called Maribor. You can also visit any of the vast variety of other wineries dotted across the Slovene countryside for a day of wine tours and wine-tasting.

Local food is one of the most important tourist attractions, and Slovenia does not fail to deliver. The most popular national food is ‘Kranjska klobasa’ which is a type of sausage. They also have other regional foods from each of the 12 localities. Slovenians are very hospitable and will be happy to cook you a local dish. Street food is also available, and popular choices for travelers on the go are ‘burek, a pastry filled with minced beef, or ‘kabob.’ There is a burgeoning food culture in-and-around Slovenia, and the best place to experience the variety and tastes are at the “Odprta Kuhna,” or “Outdoor Kitchen,” in the capital of Ljubljana on Fridays from April through September.

If you love the seaside, Slovenia still delivers. The country has several seaside towns offering something for each kind of beach lover. If you prefer romantic beaches, you should visit Piran, an old town with beautiful architecture and cozy cafés. Porotorž, on the other hand, is a casino town with a vibrant nightlife. You can also visit a popular outdoor spa at the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. Slovenia is well known for its spas with natural mineral water that offer healing and rejuvenation for tourists.

Traveling To Slovenia From US

US citizens can travel to Slovenia without requiring a visa. What currency does Slovenia use? Slovenia is part of the European union hence uses the Euro. This makes it easy for US travelers that are also visiting other countries in Europe. For the latest exchange rates, you can use this universal currency converter. Also, get more travel advisories from the Slovenia destination advisory.

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