April 6, 2022

Travel Concierge vs. Travel Agent

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The travel concierge is gaining a dominant position in the hospitality industry as a reference point for the discerning lifestyle traveler. Luxury travel concierge services have mushroomed in the last two decades and are pushing the travel agent to the periphery of the travel industry. Read on for more information on the differences between travel agents and travel concierges.

Travel Concierge Vs. Travel Agent

Travel Concierge Meaning

Concierge is originally a French word for a servant that ensured that medieval palaces were well-lit and cleaned. Today, the concierge is a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate hospitality professional that helps plan travel activities. A travel concierge is well networked locally, regionally, and globally which is why they are very effective.

A leading concierge company like Incognito Global Travel has numerous partners across the globe. Concierges get additional support from digital technology and industry-friendly software applications. Technology supports the concierge travel industry in the understanding of its customers for the delivery of an enhanced positive experience.

Benefits Of Concierge Service

The concierge industry works round the clock 24/7 for customer convenience. Concierges take the time to understand their customers at a deeper level. Customer knowledge guides services to be given creatively for positive experiences, value for money, and in accordance with the lifestyle of the customer.

Concierge travel service has traditionally been offered at a membership level where customers pay monthly or annual fee for services rendered. Today, membership is not a conditionality. Provisions to pay as you go are available with customers paying as they receive the service.

Services are provided at the individual or corporate level, as this makes the personalization possible. The affluent, time conscious, and the discerning customer has a niche in the concierge travel industry. The exclusive membership fees paid entitles them to the excellent services of a luxury travel concierge. Therefore, amazingly impossible services have been made possible by the luxury travel concierge, elevating the industry’s problem solution prowess. The traditional travel agent with limited linkages and support offers left with limited competing options.

Travel Concierge Vs. Travel Agent

Difference Between Travel Concierge Vs. Travel Agent

A travel agent is a salesperson selling travel and accommodation tickets on behalf of the transport and hotel industry. The travel agent’s work is done once the ticket is issued to the customer. Good deals found online can be tempting, and one may want to book for a cruise vacation directly. However, when things go wrong, there may be no support.

Booking your cruise vacation through a travel concierge or a corporate travel concierge guarantees your desired vacation. Some concierge companies have their own transportation systems or chain of hotels.

The kind of engagement that transpires between the customer and the travel agent company or the concierge travel agency will give the initial indicators of who is who. A concierge will be interested in holding a relationship-building conversation relating to the customer’s needs. There will be questions of priorities and what the customer wants to do. The travel agent, on the other hand, will ask the customer for their destination and time for travel with eagerness, to issue the customer with tickets. There will be little engagement of a deeper level for connectivity and understanding.

Difference in Travel Concierge and Travel Agent

In summary, we can say that the personal travel concierge provides superior service to the travel agent. This ends up delighting personal, corporate, and luxury travel customers. Read our blog for more concierge travel tips. If you are unsure about where you would like to go on your next vacation, fill in our survey, and we can help you decide.

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